Summer Movie Rewind Pt.3

1. Spider-Man: Homecoming

download (25).jpeg

I honestly don’t know if this is going to be a movie review or Tom Holland appreciation post. But let’s jump right on in!

I have to start off by saying that when I saw that there was new Spider-man at the end of the last Avengers movie, I was terribly disappointed. I wasn’t disappointed by the fact that Andrew Garfield was replaced, actually I was quite pleased about that, but I was upset because the newest Spidey was practically prepubescent.

As I began watching the movie, my attraction for Tom grew and to my delight, after googling him, I had discovered that he was in fact not tween, but in fact a 21-year-old. SCORE! I didn’t have to feel guilty about fawning over a 15-year-old anymore.

Okay, as for the movie, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought the storyline was great. The effects were outstanding. The adaptation of the Vulture from the comics to the screenplay was very creative. (I find it more realistic when villains aren’t supernatural, but that’s just me.)

And Tom, I see you with two black female leads. Keep doing you, honey.

Whoever was the casting director for this movie needs a raise. Obviously, they did us all a favor and hired Tom, but the rest of the cast was phenom. Spidey’s bestie, his love interest, and ZENDAYA??? Like wow. And let’s not forget about my sugar daddy, Robert Downey Jr.

This movie delivered on all spectrums and thats why it’s getting an A.

P.S. For those of you who keep saying it looks like Tom has a frog in his mouth, watch out. I will cut a B.



2. The House

images (1)

The premise of this movie is so bizarre, but at the same time heartwarming. Two parents decide to operate an illegal underground casino as a method of financing their only child’s college tuition. If that is not the ultimate symbol of love idk what is? So, it begs the question. If your parents don’t commit a crime for the sake of your future and education do they even love you?

Will Ferrel and Amy Poehler are comedy royalty. This movie was very funny, but not well made. There were many LOL moments, but when it comes to these types of comedies the reviews tend to be very subjective. What I find hilarious could be a total bore to someone else. That can happen.

Personally I believe this movie is worthy of a 7.2/10.



3. Annabelle: Creation

download (26).jpeg

*queue jump scare*

This movie pushed me to the edge harder than Lil Uzi Vert could ever do. I contracted a severe case of paranoia throughout this film, that was quite frankly unnatural. Nonetheless, I enjoyed every second of it. I mean, that’s exactly how you’re supposed to feel when you see a scary movie. Scared and uneasy.

In regards to Annabelle herself, I don’t want to be rude, but she was FUGLY. You can’t tell me if you saw this face right here, that you’d actually want to play with this atrocity.

download (27)

The moment I saw that thing I was already imagining how it would look being burned up in my fire place.

With the amount of “In the name of Jesus Christ,” I recited, ya girl could have been the next pope.

Annabelle, you get an A, and not just because I’m scared to give you any less.


4. The Circle


This movie… tsk tsk…

With two A-list celebs like Emma Watson and Tom Hanks, this movie should be nothing short of a masterpiece. But just like life, good things can disappoint you. This movie was without a shadow of a doubt the worst movie I have watched all summer.

The trailers made it seem like this super modern techie/ supernatural flick. For me, it was only techie because I was on my phone for the half of the movie I didn’t fall asleep through. At one point I thought I had gone into the wrong movie. Yeah, it was that bad.

The writing was bad and the execution was poor. I can’t blame Tom or Emma because they got the job done.

If it were possible, The Circle would get an Z- but I’ll be reasonable and give it a generous F.


5. The Dark Tower

download (1)

For me, this movie had it all.

The special effects were honestly very good. I nearly gasped every time Idris shot his gun. If Baywatch (the original one, not the bootleg Walmart version that came out this summer) taught us anything, it’s that anything looks good in slow-mo. Also, the extraterrestrials were very believable and set locations were nice.

If you were to ask me, “Sophie, what was your favorite aspect in this film,” what would I say?

The special effects? Nah.

The camera angles? Nope.

The plot? No, not really.

I would have to say that the best and probably the most integral part of this film was the casting.

Let’s give Dark Tower’s casting directors a round of applause for hiring two of Hollywood’s biggest and best ZADDYS. Idris Elba and Matthew Mcconaughey are the epitome of the modern-day DILF. (Dad I’d Like to Find 🙂 ) I’m so proud of them.

The movie was good but I don’t see it gaining much, if any recognition. But hey, I enjoyed the visages I saw on screen, and for that The Dark Tower gets a 3.5/5.



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