10 Kentucky Trends I Still Don’t Get

1. Chacos

download (29).jpeg

These modern-day Jesus sandals are all the CRAZE. I didn’t get. Still don’t get. Whateva.

I understand that they are very comfortable, and I can even attest to that. However, I wouldn’t wear them outside the realm of a hike.

Probably the thing that ruffles my raspberries the most is the infamous, CHACO TAN.

images (2).jpeg Why?

I know this will stir up quite the controversy, but I say this with all honesty, there is a 15% chance I will own a pair of Chacos in the next couple of years.



2. Enos


The first time I saw someone lounging in a hammock I was immediately corrected. “That’s not a hammock, it’s an Enos.” Enos, hammock… same thing.

Besides a tropical vacation or camping trip I didn’t know hammocks, or Enos (*eye roll*), were a viable relaxation option; especially indoors. I didn’t understand why hanging in tree in a nylon sack was so popular?? And can we talk about this…

download (30).jpeg

I can’t even.


3. Food Combinations

Not gonna lie, the South has some really good food. Like really good( Chic-fil-a), but there are some combos I just do not get.

1.Biscuits and Gravy

download (31).jpeg

This combination wouldn’t bother me as much if it weren’t eaten for breakfast. I don’t wake up in the morning wanting to eat processed flour doused in meat juice.

2. Chicken and Waffles.

download (32).jpeg

Chicken and waffles are two foods that I enjoy by themselves, but together? Idk about that. If I were to order this at a restaurant, would I eat them together or separately??? Let me know.


4. Counties

download (33).jpeg

“Where are you from?”

“Oh, I’m from so-and-so county.”

I don’t get it, where I’m from we just say the town we live in.



5. Flannels

images (3)

Flannel, a word synonymous with lumberjack.

I was aware of their growing popularity among millennials, but Kentucky knocked it out of the park. Here in New York, the youths tie a flannel around their waist, but in Kentucky they actually wear it. Whoa.

I was reluctant at first, but during my time in KY I acquired 6 of my very own. I’m a fan of flannel.



6. Beverages

1. Sweet Tea

download (34).jpeg

This is by far the most deceitful beverage I have ever tasted.

The name is beautiful. Sweet. Tea. Stunning.

The taste, Oh, the taste. Atrocious. Y’all ain’t never heard of Lipton?


2. Ale 8

download (35).jpeg

Not sure why people are OBSESSED with this soda, or as they call it in the South, pop. I don’t want to drink this hybrid of diluted ginger ale and Sprite.

No bueno.



7. Louisville or Louisville?

download (36).jpeg

Now this one took me MONTHS to get used to. I understand why Louisville should not be pronounce like LOUISSSS- ville. (hard “s”) But it should most definitely be pronounced Louiiiii-ville! Especially if Carrie Underwood says it that way in her hit song and break-up anthem, Before He Cheats.



8. Vera Bradley

images (4)

For the record, I have NEVER seen a single teenager with a Vera Bradley bag in New York. Actually, the only time I have ever seen a Vera bag (Bradley not Wang) being sported was by a grandmother and a soccer mom.

In Kentucky anybody who is anybody has one of these quilted accessories.


9. UK

download (1)

This one really through me through a loop. For my ENTIRE first month in Kentucky I didn’t know UK meant University of Kentucky.

I was like wow, these people really love England here!



10. Monograms

download (2).png

I thought monograms were exclusively for rich people’s towels, but in KY people monogram EVERYTHING. From sweaters to backpacks to pencil cases. If it belongs to you, it can be monogrammed.



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