Summer Movie Rewind Vol. 2

1. Wonder Woman

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Wow wow wow.

Before we begin, let me explain something. Anything, and I mean ANYTHING that has any Holocaust/Hitler related elements is a total “no no” for me; to the point where I waited two years to watch the first Captain America. When I saw Wonder Woman was set in WWII, I had to put on my “big girl pants” and suck it up because I had already purchased my ticket, and I couldn’t be the girl that didn’t watch Wonder Woman because of a minor and trivial detail.

Once I got over my fear, I was completely engaged.

To me, the whole Themysciran vibe with its powerful Amazonian women (who literally don’t need no man) really catered to modern-day feminism. Honestly, it was really empowering to see how strong and independent those women were. However, even though I too am independent, I am not an Amazon. Therefore, just like Diana, I will be needing a Chris Pine of my very own.

Overall, this movie really achieved a lot with its special effects, dynamic characters, and set locations. The location for the Themysciran is legitimately the most STUNNING place I have ever seen. I would consider abandoning my family to live there. (too far.)

Let us not forget that the wardrobe in this film was TO DIE FOR. I would wear her costume to Walmart, a business meeting, or my godson’s first communion, and it would be the most appropriate choice every time. Kudos to Wonder Woman’s costuming department. You’re doing great, sweetie.

With all that being said, Wonder Woman gets an A for Amazing.


2. The Mummy

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You know that feeling when you want something so badly, and when you finally get it its like, meh. That for me was The Mummy.

Any movie starring Tom Cruise is highly anticipated because that man is a bottle of fine wine; a Pinot Noir to be exact. Then when I saw the previews for this movie I was like, WHOA! Sofia Boutella, who plays Princess Ahmanet had me FLOORED. She looked so freaky, and scary, and quite frankly really hot???

Be that as it may, this movie was not very good. New Girl star, Jake Johnson did add a bit of comedic relief, but not enough for me to disregard the lack of direction. Yeah, it had some good moments graphically, but I felt as if the storyline lacked meat. It was bony. Like black man eating a chicken wing, bony. You know?

This movie was honestly the equivalent of a Tinder catfish story. LOVED the trailers and previews, but when it came to the actual movie I just wanted to leave by way of the bathroom window.

Didn’t want to have to say this, but like a real mummy, this movie should also stay buried for the good of humanity. Its a 6/10 from me.


3. Rough Night

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I watched this movie twice in theaters, and I wouldn’t put it past me to watch it a thrice.

Rough Night is basically the love child of Bridesmaids and The Hangover. It is the epitome of a raunch-rom-com. The movie does have a dark element in it, but the comedy really dims it down from black to a pale gray.

It was very refreshing to see Scarlett Johansson, who primarily plays more dramatic and action packed roles, among this all-star cast of comedians. The characters in this film were so quirky and so distinct. Their mannerisms as well as their jokes were so dry and odd I couldn’t help but laugh.

You know a good raunchy joke has done its job when it leaves you laughing uncontrollably, yet slightly uncomfortable.

Truthfully, besides a played out premise (NBD), this movie didn’t have any outstanding flaws. It was funny and put me in a good mood.

This is the kind of movie you see with the girls. Heck, take your guy friends too! (I know I did.) But, I would not recommend taking your grandma. Sit this one out, Carol.

Rough Night, I am glad to give you a 4/5.


4. Baby Driver

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For me, Baby Driver was somewhat of an anomaly. The concept was unlike anything else. It was funky but modern; ambiguous but nonetheless intriguing.

The cast is a fusion of A list, B list, and even L list (Latin list) celebrities that were so random it had the semblance of a classic indie flop.  Now, don’t let this statement mislead you, okay? Jamie Foxx and John Hamm SLAYED their roles and so did the rest of the cast.

The Fault in Our Stars actor, Ansel Elgort, played the main character Baby, (a name I’ve bestowed upon him before this movie was even a thought) who is a getaway driver. Hence the name of the movie, Baby Driver. Simple enough right?

This movie has some Fast and Furious type car chase scenes that had me wondering when Vin Diesel would make an appearance.

The soundtrack for this movie is a collection of songs that were inspired and carefully selected by the Creator Himself. Because Baby has what the characters called a “hum in the drum” due to a car accident, he is forced to listen to music 25/8. Let me tell you, Baby was listening to some BOPS, okay. I would trust him with the aux.

ALSO!!!!! Can we just talk about Ansel Elgort’s singing. I knew he had a pop single out, but honestly anyone can sing a pop song and sound decent (Selena Gomez). But Ansel, can legitimately sing. Like legit. And to not post the link would be cruel and unusual punishment.

Baby Driver = 9/10

Ansel Elgort = 100/10


5. Despicable Me 3

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So every time a new Despicable Me or Minions movie comes I like to take my little cousins to see it. I shouldn’t be admitting to this, but I would have to denounce my sainthood if I were to lie. Anyways, I don’t take them because I’m the model of the perfect older cousin. They basically serve as my scapegoats from the humiliation of being a 19-year-old who watches the Minions all by her lonesome. However, this time around, my cousins were not present and neither was my sense of pride. Thankfully, my friend, who most likely has less of a sense of pride than I, joined me. Thanks, girl.

These types of movies are literally some of my favs. The innocent, and at times allusive jokes as well as the characters’ over-exaggerated features just add to the whole experience. If you hate these beautiful and colorful movies you most likely aren’t content with the life you’ve been given.

The fact that Steve Carell is in it, just elevates the quality of humor. Ever since The Office,(don’t get me started) he has been one of my all-time favorite comedians. Steve Carell could narrate a three hour video of paint drying and I’d be in tears.

THE MINIONS OMGGGG, who are also voiced by Steve, are my legitimate SPIRIT ANIMALS. Literally, the cutest things. I’ll take 4.

Am I ashamed that I saw this movie? No, not the least bit ashamed. 

Was I laughing along with all the other five-year-olds in the theater? Hellz yeah I was!

Will I go see the next one unaccompanied by minors? It’s within the realm of possibility.

Clearly, nothing bad can be said about this movie, but at the same time, it wasn’t worthy of an Academy Award. Ya feel? With that being said, Despicable Me 3 gets a  5/7.

6. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

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King Arthur was simply well made. Point blank. Period. The use of cool tones to accentuate the dreariness, the camera shots and fight scenes were all spectacular.

This movie was so action-packed and full of rich content, I felt as if I had seen the movie and its sequel in one sitting. This may sound like a bad thing, but I was completely engaged and entertained from start to finish, and that’s honest.

This movie was Game of Thrones meets Lord of the Rings meets Vikings. It definitely was not a xerox of the original King Arthur story, and that for me was refreshing. This new take included backstories and subplots that have never been told before, and it really helped pull the whole thing together.

It is very possible that this movie may not receive the recognition it deserves. Not because it’s lacking, but because it’s not made for the average moviegoer. This movie is sharp. A true movie connoisseur/enthusiast will appreciate it. As a self-proclaimed movie critic I believe this movie is worthy of an 8/10.

P.S. The main actor is VERY handsome.




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