A Lesson From The Bachelorette: It’s Okay to Pick the Safe Choice.

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So anyone who watched the season finale of The Bachelorette knows that it was without a doubt one the most shocking and controversial endings thus far.

Our debut black bachelorette, Rachel Lindsey, had a tough choice choosing between Bryan Abasolo and Peter Kraus in this historic television event.



 Peter: Youthful Silver Fox/The One That Got Away.

The moment Peter stepped out the limo I looked my mother in the eye and said “he’s the one.” And by “he’s the one,” I mean he’s the one for ME. Literally, Peter has 0 flaws in my eyes. Besides the obvious fact that he looks like a cover model for Armani Exchange, Peter’s personality is just as attractive as he is. He had a very wholesome and genuine relationship with Rachel that made him a fan favorite.

The only reason Peter and Rachel are not together is his own fault. The poor thing is too honest and sane to be finding love on a reality TV show. I honestly don’t blame him for telling Rachel that he couldn’t propose to her after only knowing her for 6 weeks. That really shows maturity and strength of character, but at the same time, if he truly felt like she was the one he would have had a sense of security in proposing to her that would diminish all preconceived notions of failed marriages. He told the bachelorette to take a “leap of faith” so they can get to know each other better, and get engaged when he truly feels ready. Sounds reasonable enough, right?



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Bryan: Latin Heartthrob/Resident Playboy.

Bryan is the epitome of a spicy Latin lover, and that’s exactly why he had such an instant connection with Rachel from THE JUMP. He kissed her on the first night and continued to do so in every episode to follow. Brian had the reputation of being a player, but as the season went on, he stole Rachel’s heart (and lips) and became shoo-in to win.

Bryan came in as a player, but his eye was on the prize the entire time. His commitment to Rachel was so strong and immediate that it almost seemed like a whirlwind romance. Which begs the question, was Bryan a player or just too good to be true? In the end, Rachel ended up accepting Bryan’s proposal, but was it by default? If Peter were to actually propose to Rachel instead of ending their relationship due to irreconcilable differences, would she have still picked Bryan? The world may never know. What we do know is that Rachel and Bryan are very happy together and that’s all that matters. “No ragrets.”


Initially, my biases and I were going to title this article: Girl, Stop Messing With Bryans and Get You A Peter. But then I got to thinking. I would rather be on steady ground with a man than free falling into the unknown with him.

Rachel and Peter did not end up together because he was unsure if they were strong enough as a couple to have a lasting marriage. Bryan knew his feelings for Rachel were real and strong very early on.

This cover of People Magazine reads “I followed my heart,” but did she really follow a ring? Probably, and girl I would too!


Did she settle by choosing Bryan? Not really.

Was it the safe and easy choice? Obviously, but it was also a good one.

Rachel, do you girl. As long as she is happy that’s all that matters. Yeah, love is supposed to be this wild and daring adventure, but it’s okay to want something secure and stable. Sometimes the second fiddle is heard the loudest.


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